Mindful Moments: Mood Check-In

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Introducing "Mindful Moments - Mood & Cycle Check-In" Notion Template, your comprehensive companion for maintaining a balanced and mindful lifestyle. This template is designed to empower you with valuable insights into your mood, routines, and sleeping habits. Whether you're striving for self-improvement, tracking your well-being, or simply seeking a harmonious existence, this template has got you covered.

What is included:


  • Mood Tracker with Mood Score: Gain a deeper understanding of your emotional well-being through the Mood Tracker. Log your daily moods and watch as the template calculates your Wellbeing Score, offering a tangible representation of your overall emotional state.

MOOD Check-In Advanced

  • MOOD Check-In Basic
  • Routines Tracker: Create and monitor healthy routines with ease. The Routines Tracker helps you establish consistent habits that promote productivity, self-care, and personal growth. By tracking your progress, you can identify patterns and adjust your routines accordingly for optimal results.
  • Sleep Tracker: Restful sleep is vital for your overall well-being. The Sleep Tracker allows you to record and evaluate your sleeping habits, including duration and quality. Identify factors that influence your sleep patterns and make informed adjustments to enhance your nightly rejuvenation.
  • Optimized for Mobile Use: Access your Mindful Moments template seamlessly on the go. With a mobile-optimized design, you can easily update and review your information from your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected to your well-being wherever you are, whenever you need it.


  • Weekly and Monthly Overviews: Stay organized and gain a comprehensive view of your progress with convenient weekly and monthly overviews.
  • Sorted Overviews: Quickly retrieve the information you need with sorted overviews. With well-organized and easily navigable sections, you can locate specific data, such as Mood Score trends, routine completion rates, or changes in sleep patterns (in Advanced versions), effortlessly. Spend less time searching and more time focusing on your personal growth.

Embrace a life of mindfulness and self-discovery. Start your journey today and unlock the power of holistic well-being.

Note: This Notion Template requires a Notion account to use and is compatible with both web and mobile versions of Notion. The graphs are not built in. You will need to use a Notion integration such as Notion2Charts, which offers a free subscription. This one is enough to create the charts. The description of how to create the graphs is included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Notion?

Notion is a powerful all-in-one productivity platform that allows users to create, organize, and collaborate on various types of content. With the personal plan it is completely free! It combines note-taking, task management, database organization, and document collaboration features in a single intuitive interface. Notion offers flexibility and customization, enabling you to structure your information in a way that suits your needs. It can be used for personal organization, project management, team collaboration, and much more. Notion supports cross-device syncing, making it accessible and synchronized across desktop and mobile devices.

Can I return the product?

Unfortunately, digital products can notersonalized orders be returned as it is not possible to physically return them like a tangible product. However, if you experience any issues with your order, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to resolve the problem.

Can I share and resell the template?

I understand that you may be excited about your purchase and want to share it with others, but the template cannot be shared or resold as this violates copyright laws, diminishes its value, and may lead to unauthorized use. It also hinders customer support and compromises quality. Please respect the terms of use and direct others to the official sales channel. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I access my Notion template?

After your purchase you will be directed to the link of the template. Just click on it, duplicate it to your workspace, and you are ready to go! It's that easy!

How can I get in contact with you if I have questions or encounter issues?

In case you have questions or encounter issues, please don't hesitate to contact me via email (by.anica.creations@gmail.com) or via my social media channels. I will be more than happy and try to the best I can to help you!

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"Mindful Moments" Notion Template, your comprehensive companion for maintaining a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

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Mindful Moments: Mood Check-In

11 ratings
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